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As the world’s largest producer of indoor antique shows, U.S. Antique Shows focuses on serving the unique needs of both their customers and the entire antique community by featuring internationally recognized dealers and a wide range of antiques, antique jewelry and watches. With eight shows, collectively spanning 400,000 square feet, the company attracts more than 3,000 dealers from 28 different countries. No other show producer brings together experts in every category and discipline from all over the world. The company is also the only producer supporting the antique and vintage jewelry industry with sales in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Miami Beach, and New York.

In addition, U.S. Antique Shows annually draws more than 50,000 antique enthusiasts comprised of serious to novice collectors, gallery owners, fashion icons, interior designers, and museum curators to their shows. Their attendees travel from 73 countries worldwide, including Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, India, and Argentina. U.S. Antique Shows continues to provide their dealers opportunities to broaden their reach by attracting a target audience of antique enthusiasts.

U.S. Antique Shows is also committed to ongoing education in the antiques market. They hold strong partnerships with the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL), National Association of Appraisers (NAJA), Association for the Study of Jewelry and the Related Arts (ASJRA), and several other important associations and companies that provide education and support to the antique and antique jewelry communities. To that end, U.S. Antique Shows launched the Jewelry History Series in 2014 to further educate dealers and consumers. The Jewelry History Series is held at The Original Miami Beach Antique Show two days prior to the show opening.

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