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38th Annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation And RV Show - 2021

Quartzsite RV Show, Quartzsite, Arizona
Jan 16 - Jan 24, 2021



Every January something happens that is hard to believe, unless you have seen it!  This phenomenon started over 40 years ago and is now billed as The Largest Gathering Of RVers in the World”...

The largest gathering of RVs and RVers on Earth!

FREE admission to the public!

Estimated attendance 150,000 plus!

20 acre facility with FREE exhibitor and FREE customer parking!

69,000 sq. ft. fully carpeted indoor exhibit area.

Midway (outside) RV live-aboard exhibit area.

FREE live entertainment every day!

Plenty of Hotel & Motel rooms available nearby!

20,000+ Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campsites border show grounds!

Source: Event Website

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