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American Choral Directors Association - 2021 ACDA National Conference

TBD, Dallas, Texas
Mar 17 - Mar 20, 2021


The conference themes for this 60th Anniversary Conference are Legacy and Community. We will have performances by choirs from across our country, international choirs, a Legacy Director’s Chorus featuring 11 iconic conductors, 4 Honor Choirs, ‘A Walk Through ACDA History,’ interest sessions, reading sessions, not to mention KC Barbecue and a Kaleidoscope of KC choirs! I hope to see you in KC! 

40+ Sessions

50+ Choirs

4 Honor Choirs

100+ Exhibits


Research Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be happening at the National Conference on Thursday, February 28, from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in Exhibit Hall B at the Convention Center. From noon until 12:30, you can hear five-minute lightning rounds by some of the presenters.


Early Twentieth-Century Anglican Passions: An Analysis of Selected Choral Works by Maunder, Somerville, Wood, Nicholson, and Thiman
Matthew Hoch, Auburn University

An Annotated Analysis of the Choral Settings of Sara Teasdale’s Literary ‘Songs’
Hillary Ridgley, Syracuse University

A Nationwide Survey of Middle School/Junior High Choir Male Enrollments and Choral Program Design Characteristics*
Nathan Dame, University of Kansas

Exploring Adolescent Female Perspectives of Gender Stereotypes Associated with Singing and Choral Music Participation
Brianna Nannen, Marshall University

Lessons from Successful Learners: Teaching Sight-Reading to Choral Ensemble Singers
Rachel Carlson, Shepherd University

Middle School and High School Vocal Music Teachers' Perspectives on the Information and Skills Necessary for Success in the Ninth-Grade Vocal Music Class: A Survey
Kayla S. Harris, MSD of Lawrence Township

Singers’ Gaze Fixation While Performing with a Conductor: A Pilot Study*
Steven Demorest, Northwestern University

Bel Canto à la Hong Kong: Cantonese Performance Practice in Chinese Choral Music
John Winzenburg & Po Kwan Law. Hong Kong Baptist University

The effects of three common choral performance movement conditions on acoustical and perceptual measures of choral sound
Melissa Grady & Tianna M. Smith, University of Kansas

The Effects of Three Voice-Matching Methods on Acoustical and Perceptual Measures of a Soprano Section’s Choral Sound*
Tianna M Smith, University of Kansas

Just Tune! A Pedagogical Approach to Significantly Enhance Choral Intonation
Andrew G Withington, AWJITS

U.S. and Austrian Competencies for Conductor-Teachers of Children’s Choirs: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 
Patrick Freer, Georgia State University & Helmut Schaumberger, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

Effects of Three Conducting Gesture Heights on Acoustic and Perceptual Measures of Choral Sound*
Melissa Grady & Tianna M. Smith, University of Kansas

The effect of piano accompaniment type and harmonic context on the tuning performance of college-level choral musicians
Tristan Frampton, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Transgender Students in the Choral Classroom: Creating Safe and Accepting Environments*
Kate Crellin, USC

Singer and Auditor Perception of Choral Spacing in Ensembles of Varying Size: A Pilot Study
Kari Adams, University of North Texas

Engagement and Disillusionment in High School Chorus
Frank Martignetti, University of Bridgeport

“Think about how gendered the music room can be…”: Exploring Choral Music Educators’ Social Media Interactions Regarding Trans-Identified Music Students
Sarah Bartolome, Nortwestern University & Melanie Stapleton, La Porte ISD

Vocal Health and Safety for Music Specialists: A Study in Practice and Perceptions*
Jill C. Campbell, Asbury University

Arm gestures, our gestures: The role of conducting in coordinating breathing patterns among singers*
William T Duffy, McGill University

Examining Gendered Themes in Fanny Hensel's "Hiob" Cantata
Elizabeth Fisher, University of Alabama Birmingham

Why I Sing
Sheri L. Cook-Cunningham, JCCC

A Brotherhood with One Sister - A Collective Case Study: Women Conductors of College Men's Choirs
Meg Stohlmann, Appalachian State University

Vocal Health of Choral Singers from Kenya and the United States: Dysphonia and Vocal Fatigue in Relation to Musical Genres*
Morgan Burburan, University of South Florida

Pre-Service Choral Music Education: An Analysis of NASM Accredited Universities and their Curriculum
Morgan Burburan, University of South Florida

On Stage, Off, and In-between: Gay male choral directors negotiating sexual identity, teacher identity, and emotion in the school choir room
Nicholas R. McBride, The College of New Jersey

High School Choral Music in the United States: Access and Uptake*
Kenneth Elpus, University of Maryland

Gender Inequity On The Podium: An Examination of All-State Conductors*
Jamey Kelley, University of North Texas

*denotes acceptance for lightning talk



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