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AMPM2019 Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix, Arizona
Jun 23 - Jun 26, 2019



The Metal Powder Industries Federation is a federation of six trade associations representing various aspects of powder metallurgy (PM), metal powders, and particulate materials. Our mission is to advance the interests of the metal powder producing and consuming industries.

Throughout its long history, MPIF has been a champion of this innovative technology, providing our member companies with valuable services that help advance the art and science of powder metallurgy while promoting technological benefits to prospective end users.

Why Powder Metallurgy?

The powder metallurgy process provides a host of advantages over competing metalworking technologies. These all add up to part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality, shape and material flexibility, application versatility, and cost effectiveness.

Advantages of the Powder Metallurgy Process

Minimizes machining by producing parts at, or close to, final dimensions
Minimizes scrap losses by typically using more than 97% of the starting raw material in the finished part
Permits a wide variety of alloy systems
Produces good surface finish
Provides materials which may be heat treated for increased strength or increased wear resistance
Provides controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration
Facilitates manufacture of complex or unique shapes which would be impractical or impossible with other metalworking processes
Is suited to moderate- to high-volume component production requirements
Offers long-term performance reliability in critical applications
Is cost effective

Powder Metallurgy: A Green Technology:

Being sustainable is a way of life and—for many of us in the powder metallurgy industry—being green is now a way of doing business. The net-shape capability of powder metallurgy is the primary advantage in the process, but there is also no waste in the shaping of parts.

Learn how powder metallurgy is a sustainable metal-forming manufacturing method by reviewing the resources below.

What Is AMPM2019?

MPIF and APMI International bring together powder metallurgy (PM) and additive manufacturing (AM) industry professionals and decision makers from around the world to network and learn from each other about the latest developments and innovations in metal powder technology. This is the only place in North America to meet face-to-face with the worldwide PM and AM industry professionals!

The conferences address three related yet distinct industries:

Powder Metallurgy Parts and Products
Metal Injection Molding
Metal Additive Manufacturing

Who Are the Attendees?

AMPM2019/POWDERMET2019 will attract delegates from around the world. Delegates are senior management, technical and sales management, and engineering professionals. The attendees are the decision makers and the buyers of:

Metal Powders
Forming Technologies
Other Services—equipment for powder mixing, screening, environmental, test and evaluation, miscellaneous laboratory equipment, consultants,software and hardware providers, trade publications, etc.
In addition, the Powder Metallurgy Parts Association (PMPA) holds an annual business meeting at POWDERMET, attracting senior parts fabricator executives.


Each year, MPIF sponsors a trade exhibition during the world's premier technical conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials, POWDERMET, which is held in conjunction with AMPM, the Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy conference.

The exhibit is attended by professionals from every part of the industry, including buyers and specifiers of metal powders, tooling and compacting presses, sintering furnaces, furnace belts, powder handling and blending equipment, quality-control and automation equipment, particle-size and powder-characterization equipment, consulting and research services, and much, much more.

The International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides, co-sponsored by the Metal Injection Molding Association, is also held annually and features a tabletop exhibition perfect for sharing your companies technological innovations.

If your customers occupy any niche within the broad powder metallurgy industry, you can't afford to be absent from these powerful marketing opportunities.


International Journal of Powder Metallurgy

The International Journal of Powder Metallurgy is the industry's leading powder metallurgy publication. Published four times a year by APMI International, a non-profit professional society formed by MPIF, the Journal is the foremost international publication covering scientific, technical, and business information on the powder metallurgy and advanced particulate materials industries.

With its readership profile of engineers, researchers, metallurgists, materials scientists, educators, technical management, marketing managers, and purchasing agents, the Journal can be your most cost-effective way of promoting your products and services to your target market.

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