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SID Display Week 2013 - Society For Information Display

Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC
May 19 - May 24, 2013



The Society for Information Display's Display Week 2013 will be held in Vancouver, Canada at the Vancouver Convention Centre on May 19-24, 2013. Display Week is the premier annual showcase of the display industry, which is valued at over US$100B annually.

North America represents the largest market in the world. The annual Display Week Exhibition is the best event for sales and marketing of displays and display-related products to the North American market.

Companies that participate in Display Week are viewed as technology leaders by the display industry, and by the international press that covers this event. Leading technology companies exhibit at Display Week.

Display Week's strategic location provides best access to the customer base of integrators of display products who are headquartered in North America, including companies such as Apple, Dell, HP, and Motorola. Other international system integrators, include LG, Samsung, and Sharp, have a strong presence at Display Week.

The events of Display Week are covered by the international press, as well as leading internet-based blogs and news services. The SID awards attract international attention and the interest of investors, with the Best in Show prizes, the annual Display Industry Awards, and the Innovation Zone award for the best prototype.


SID is dedicated to giving Display Week exhibitors the best possible return on investment at the Display Week Exhibition. From assisting you in efforts to drive traffic to your booth, to providing exclusive value-added opportunities and services, we take every step to ensure the success of your exhibit.

Display Week is the once a year, can’t-miss event for the electronic information displays industry, a $100 billion/year industry. The exhibition is the premier showcase for global information display companies and researchers to unveil cutting-edge developments in display technology. More display innovations are introduced year after year at Display Week than at any other display event in the world. Display Week is where the world got its first look at technologies that have shaped the display industry into what it is today; that is, liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, plasma display panel (PDP) technology, organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, and high definition TV, just to name a few. Display Week is also where emerging industry trends such as 3-D, touch and interfactivity, flexible and e-paper displays, solid state lighting, digital signage, and plastic electronics are brought to the forefront of the display industry. First looks like these are why over 6,500 attendees will flock to Vancouver for Display Week 2013. If your company is involved in any aspect of displays, including display electronics, components, systems, services, manufacturing equipment, or applications, Display Week 2013 is the place to garner worldwide recognition and grow your business on a global scale. Display Week 2013 will cover the hottest technologies in the display marketplace, including:



Touch and Interactivity

Green Manufacturing

Solid-State Lighting

Oxide TFTs

Digital Signage

Display Manufacturing

Flexible Displays and e-Paper






Display Metrology

Display Components, Electronics, and more!


About SID


Society for Information Display is comprised of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business people of the display industry.  SID was formed in 1962 to promulgate display technology, and that work continues today, publishing a monthly Journal of the SID, Information Display magazine, and our annual Digest of Technical Papers, which are presented at our annual spring Display Week Symposium and Exhibition. These publications are available online without additional charge for members.

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