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Nov 2018


TBD Tulsa , Oklahoma
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Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show - November 2018






Event Overview:

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Gun and Knife Show is the world's largest gun show because we have the world's largest selection of high quality antique and collectable firearms. We scour the country to find the best exhibitors. We always have a great local turnout in addition to out of state and foreign guests who come a long way to buy and trade. Bring your best merchandise - it will sell. Our customers are expecting the best.

When you come to a Wanenmacher's Gun Show, you see a gun show full of guns, knives, ammo and some military artifacts. You WON'T see lots of non-gun related stuff or flea market garbage. Not that they don't want to come, we won't let them. Our show could be 5 times bigger than it is if we let in all the exhibitors who really don't belong in a gun show. (candy dealers, spa salesmen, car dealers, etc...) We limit non-related items to just 2% of the entire show. The building is still packed - both levels - with top quality gun show merchandise. Many of the best antique dealers come to Tulsa, bringing excellent, hard to find antique firearms. (once again, not antique furniture or magazines, but antique guns and related items.) Our antique firearms section is getting bigger every year.

Exhibitor Information:

We get buyers with money to spend - Typically our spectators save up for 4 to 6 months, but many never have to worry about saving! More money walks into this show than any other show on the planet! They come from almost every state and from many foreign countries. If buyers are willing to travel half way across the U.S. or, in many cases halfway around the world, they are serious buyers.

We have the best attended two day event at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. This is a real advantage if you sell lower price items such as grips, clips, books and accessories. Of course, larger crowds include more "high rollers" interested in very expensive merchandise.

Great Facilities - The QuikTrip Building at Expo Square (Tulsa Fairgrounds) - Over 4,200 tables in one huge 11 acre room - loading carts with help available for a reasonable price - heated & air conditioned - plenty of nearby parking - improved lighting and good food concessions. We have the parking shuttles for the north overflow lots so the public can park and not have to walk too far. They should be in better spirits when they come in.


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